DP: Resolved – Consider it Done!

Woe is me, I woke up so serious yesterday morning and it’s only day one of 2013.  I hope this is not an omen of events yet to come.  Hey, Seeker, gotta have faith, remember?  I know, but the devil is working overtime.  I have been told to lighten up, bohoho.  OMG, what a switcheroo to 2012.  Something is seriously wrong with me.  I have to seek out my friends in Facebook. 
I have to have a resolution not just a goal.  With this comment, I resolve to lighten up.  How do I do this? 
I know, Crude Oil is a very compassionate loyal friend.  I have to drop him a line or two. 


Crude, time for an oil change.  It’s New Year 2013. Are you happy? Seriously. A request.  I’ve been told to lighten up.  I think I should learn to find my funny bones and grow some wings like an Angel.  Angels do fly, don’t they?  They don’t take themselves seriously.  And I am taking this seriously.  I have to lighten up.
Crude Oil

Crude Oil

Happy New Year! Am very happy:)  Did you say “bone”?  Seeker, that is not funny to mention “bone” to me.  Just because I love you, I will help you.  Ok, close your eyes, Seeker and make your wish. And woof, thanks for asking 🙂


I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish…..
Oh, P.S.  My 6 letter word for 2013 is WISDOM, may I have this too?

Crude Oil

Crude Oil

Grrr…. Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.  Hocus Pokus, your wish is your command.  You may have your wings as for the rest, I’ll get back to you.  Gotta find me some “bones”.
                                                       Ta Da…. 
WP 2013 Jan 2 Crude Oil
                                           Your turn.  Make a Wish.

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