DP: Obituary of Lady Perpetua Siglos

Daily Prompt: In Loving Memory

Write your obituary. 

Our Lady Perpetua Siglos is Called by Joy.  Died happily doing what she wants to do.  Lived life to the fullest.  Rest in Peace.  Rest is boring.  In heaven, there is no rest but a continuous celebration of life with God.  We the living that are left behind are jealous of Lady’s leaving the earth.  We will miss her infectious determination.  A sister to the Yaya Sisterhood, an honorary member of the KofC for her brothers, constant gardener, lover of all beings, embraces the whole of mankind unconditionally.    Auntie Mame to her nieces, nephews and younger generations.

A pilgrim on this earth.

Come and join us at Our Lady of Mercy Parish Church.  In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the David Suzuki Foundation.  Burial at Forest Lawn Garden followed by dinner, dancing, and devotion.  Come and Join us.

Lord of the Dance (song)

8 thoughts on “DP: Obituary of Lady Perpetua Siglos

  1. Geez!! Perpetua, you scared the daylights out of me! I wanted to see if you had that photo of Queen Victoria fixed or not. Couldn’t find your avatar. I did a search for your site via google, and clicked. Then I read it’s your orbituary! My stomach did so many things I couldn’t describe it!
    Phew! I’m glad you are okay! I like the new avatar, P! Is it of anyone in particular? I like it!
    Hope you had a great week-end; and I hope you have a great week!

    • You are hilarious, TK! I ain’t no Queen. Ha ha ha. This St. Bernadette. The eyes on the Header is St. Bernadette as well. I just love her story. I’m alive and kicking. Just finished doing the hedging of the shrubs at the back. Took me two afternoon. Tired. You have great week, too. Perpetua.

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